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Hearing the Call: Discerning the Questions that Guide Your Expressive Arts Practice. May 12, 6-8:30 pm edt.

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We all have life experiences that call out to us from within, that need transformation, that can yield new knowing via the creative process. The world itself is also calling out for transformation of  outworn strategies for living. This workshop will focus on using the Open Studio Process of intention and witness as a powerful form of discernment to hear and respond to what uniquely is calling us.

Participants will learn:

  • To identify a guiding passion
  • Assess resources and challenges
  • Create an image for ongoing inspiration

The workshop will be given by Pat Allen and Rabbi Adina Allen.

Rabbi Adina Allen is a spiritual leader, writer and educator who believes in the power of creativity to revitalize our lives and transform Jewish tradition. Integrating a lifetime of experience in the expressive arts with her rabbinic training, Adina has taught clergy, educators and lay leaders in hundreds of Jewish communal institutions across the country. She is a recipient of the Covenant Foundation’s 2018 Pomegranate Prize for emerging Jewish Educators and is an alumna of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship. She was ordained by Hebrew College in 2014. 

Alina Allen is a co-founder and creative director of the Jewish Studio Project.

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Register for this $50 virtual workshop here.

Hearing the Call: Discerning the Questions that Guide Your Expressive Arts Practice. May 12, 6-8:30 pm edt.

Using the creative and expressive arts has proven to enhance the social and psychological well being of individuals and communities, and as Creative Arts Therapists, our goal is to always find new ways to improve our methods.

At this year’s Art Therapy Symposium, we welcome all levels of experience in conceptualizing social justice with breakout sessions geared toward multiple levels of learning. This symposium is also for those on or considering a path to reconceptualizing and reimagining our approaches to art therapy by taking the time to learn, reflect, and build community in new ways, and ground ourselves in a foundation of decolonial and antiracist practice.

This symposium is a collaborative effort between the Center for Community Engagement and Art Therapy Program at Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling, Antioch University Seattle Loyola Marymount University–Marital and Family Therapy Department with Specialization Training in Art Therapy, and the Graduate Art Therapy Psychology Department at Dominican University of California.

Learn more and register here.

To engage Pat Allen for a workshop

Pat Allen is available to conduct workshops on the basic methods of Studio Process as well as to design specific workshops on topics of your choice. She is especially interested in issues of our relationship to nature, commerce, and creativity and to social issues of poverty, injustice and prejudice. Workshops combine experiential, didactic and service learning. To inquire, please email at: studiopardes@comcast.net


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