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The Studio Immersive

"Lech L'cha—Journey into the Unknown"

October 14 to 18, 2018

A deep-dive into Jewish inquiry and creative process across five days.

An intergenerational cohort of committed questioners and explorers.

vibrant creative studio in Berkeley, CA. 

Why the Studio Immersive?

Each one of us has the ability to imagine, ask questions, play and wrestle with the raw materials of our lives to bring new insights into the world. In a Jewish context, our creativity brings forth unique voices and diverse perspectives, making our tradition more vibrant and relevant.

  • Dates: October 14th - 18th, 2018
  • Location: Studio AM in Berkeley CA
  • Theme: "Lech L'cha: Journey into the Unknown"
  • Faculty: Rabbi Adina Allen, Jeff Kasowitz, Maya Abramson, Dr. Pat Allen, Aaron Henne, and more TBA!
  • Applications due August 6th

Immerse with us and...
  • Explore Jewish wisdom that is relevant to your life,
  • Learn how to draw upon your creativity as a spiritual practice, 
  • Benefit from intergenerational learning in a spiritually nourishing and inspiring environment.

Things felt possible
in a new way”

“Things felt possible
in a new way”



"I’m taking away empowerment of owning my Judaism.”

To engage Pat Allen for a workshop

Pat Allen is available to conduct workshops on the basic methods of Studio Process as well as to design specific workshops on topics of your choice. She is especially interested in issues of our relationship to nature, commerce, and creativity and to social issues of poverty, injustice and prejudice. Workshops combine experiential, didactic and service learning. To inquire, please email at: studiopardes@comcast.net


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