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Chaos and Creation...
Intro to the Jewish Studio Process

October 16, 23, 30 and November 6
The Jewish Studio Project
Studio AM in Berkeley California

The Torah opens with a powerful case for creativity: we are all creative, we are created to create, and our creating creates the world. This four-part series offers a dynamic methodology that weaves together Jewish learning with expressive art-making and reflective writing in an uplifting and vibrant Jewish art studio. Together we’ll explore the power of these tools for social and personal change, allowing us to investigate our sacred texts, surface our questions, and envision new possibilities for ourselves and our world. No prior background or experience necessary. Pre-registration required for this four-part series.

Chaos and Creation is co-led by an extraordinary mother-daughter team. Rabbi Adina Allen is co-founder and Creative Director of The Jewish Studio Project. Dr. Pat Allen is an artist, writer, art therapist and teacher who developed the Open Studio Process, the foundation of the expressive arts component of JSP. Her books include Art is a Way of Knowing, Art is a Spiritual Path, and the speculative fiction novel, Cronation.

This series is designed as a four-part exploration and we ask that you commit to all four of the classes to get the most out of the experience.

The fee is $100. If you can pay $125, you may help someone who can only afford to pay $75. If the fee is a problem for you, please reach out to info@jewishstudioproject.org.

For more information and to register for the workshops, please go to Eventbrite.

To engage Pat Allen for a workshop

Pat Allen is available to conduct workshops on the basic methods of Studio Process as well as to design specific workshops on topics of your choice. She is especially interested in issues of our relationship to nature, commerce, and creativity and to social issues of poverty, injustice and prejudice. Workshops combine experiential, didactic and service learning. To inquire, please email at: studiopardes@comcast.net


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