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Pat B. Allen

Who is Pat Allen?

Curriculum Vitae
What has Pat Allen done?

Studio Pardes

Studio Process
The process described

Virtual Studio

The process demonstrated

History of Studio Pardes
The back story: How it came to be

Why "Pardes"?
How the name originated


Portfolio of Pat Allen's Art
Things Fall Apart series
Judaica series

Collaborative Projects
The Pomegranate Exercise
      Read about the exercise
      See the Installation
      Individual Pomegranate Pages

Community Projects
Facing Homelessness Mask Project



Art Is a Spiritual Path
Art Is a Way of Knowing


The Death Mother
An Archetype of Our Times and What She Tells Us about Trauma

Are Images Our Best Hope of Changing the World?

Facing Homelessness
A Community Mask-Making Project

Wielding the Shield
The Art Therapist as Conscious Witness
in the Realm of Social Action

Expressive Arts for At Risk Adolescents


What is Pat Allen thinking about now?

Writings about Pat Allen

Workshops and Classes

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