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Shambhala Publications: www.shambhala.com

AHN News, the online monthly publication of the Arts and Healing Network: www.artheals.org
Art is a Spiritual Path was featured in Aug, 2006's issue of the AHN News, which you can view at: http://www.artheals.org/news_2006/aug06.html

American Art Therapy Association: www.arttherapy.org

Aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal: www.aleph.org

Beth Colman: www.bethcoleman.net

Prescott College Master of Arts Program:
Expressive Art Therapy Summer Institute brochure

Hannah Jennings Design: www.hannahjennings.com

OFFCenter Community Arts: www.offcenterarts.org/index.html

Open Studio Project: www.openstudioproject.org

Massage Therapy of Oak Park: www.massagetherapyofoakpark.com


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