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Art is a Spiritual Path
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Art is a Way of Knowing


Cronation is a novel, set in the near future, populated by characters whose mission is to midwife the birth of a new era of creative partnership and community collaboration in gratitude, joy, and celebration. Cronation is a manifesto and a shout out to all the women who claim the Crone identity and embrace the rights and responsibilities that entails. Art is a spiritual pathCronation is also a reimaging of my life's work in the Open Studion Process in story form that I hope is fun, inspiring, and opens a space for others to rewrite and enlarge their own stories.

Cronation is available at Women and Children First Bookstore in Chicago.

Visit Cronation.org
or get in touch at cronationinfo@gmail.com

Order the book from Amazon or from Women and Children First Bookstore in Chicago.

Pat Allen was on the radio!

Pat was interviewed about Cronation by Karen Tate on Voices of the Feminine. It was broadcast live on Wednesday, August 31 at 6:00 pm PST. We'll make the interview available from the website soon.

More book events

On August 16 there was be a Cronation book signing with Pat in Montreal, QC, Canada.

Pat gave a book talk at the Oak Pak Public Library, Oak Park, Illinois on October 23.

The reading is featured in the Illinois Art Therapy newsletter.

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Art is a Spiritual Path

Art is a spiritual pathThis book contains the stories and images of other artists besides me and they have all agreed to let me include their images in the archive. I have included contact information for each artist as well. If you enjoy their images, feel free to contact them. We ask that you don't make use of any of the images here without first asking permission from the artist.

To find out more or order this book from Amazon, click here

ovoid reliquary
goddess tryptich
personal prison
divine creature
luna moth
tar baby
kwan yin
what gd looks like
dk mother
sabbath bride
glorious lights
male trilogy
box of pain
mother book
hunch back



Directory of artists

Adina Allen is a fourth year rabbinical student at Hebrew College in Boston, MA. She is engaged in combining the studio process with the traditional Jewish text study form called chevruta where scholars work in pairs to study a text and glean new insights and meanings. She has introduced art making and writing to as a viable means to extend the possibilities of creative engagement with the wisdom of the past. Her writings can be viewed at stateofformation.org/author/adina-allen, a blog for young scholars and spiritual leaders from all religions.

Dayna Block is Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Open Studio Project and an instructor at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She can be contacted at www.openstudioproject.org

Kim Connor is a mixed media artist with an affinity for mandalas as well as a Reiki master. She can be reached at kim@kimconnor.net.

Barbara Fish, PhD, ATR-BC, LCPC is on the faculty of the University of Illinois and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She provides art-based supervision privately. Contact her at bfishphd@gmail.com or visit her website at barbarafisharttherapy.com.

Annette Hulefeld is a spiritual mentor for women seeking to be fully empowered in their soul's mission - in this lifetime, contact her at ahulefeld@comcast.net

Dave King is the owner of House of Heat heating and sir conditioning and Roaring Belly Glasswerks, contact him at glasstransfusion@sbcglobal.net

Lisa Sorce Schmidt is an artist and a licensed clinical social worker. She is the founder of the sacred art space Whispers from the Moon in Oak Park, IL where she practices the Studio Process and offers classes and workshops in creative and spiritually based methods. Visit Lisa's website web.me.com/whispersfromthemoon/WhispersFromTheMoon/Welcome.html

Sallie Wolf is a writer and artist who lives and works in the Chicago area. Contact her website at http://www.salliewolf.com/ where you will also find additional images of her art.


art is a way of knowing


Art is a Way of Knowing

To find out more or to order this book from Amazon, click here


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