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  Lisa Sorce Schmitz
Elmwood Park, IL

I experimented and worked with my pomegranate over a six week period. Before each art making session, I set my pomegranate on the table. It remained on the peripheral … waiting to be included. It remained in a state of waiting until it was finally incorporated the very last moment of my last session on May 11. It simply asked to be suspended with a golden cord. 

To follow are intention and witness writings from my art making over the course of the six week period. They track this sacred journey and carved the way to the final witness recorded above. My deepest thanks to Pat Allen and the other women who participated in this project. I felt each of you with me and was deeply comforted in knowing that you were fellow travelers on this sacred journey.

All life is a beginning. I need an open, spontaneous, joyful attitude that knows it does not know.  I need an emptiness in me … I need to find the part in my soul still empty, still able to be surprised, still open to wonder.
 -- Christin Lore Weber, The Finding Stone


I am empty. I am open to wonder and surprise.
I do no harm and receive no harm.

Lisa art



lisa art back


The front of the image speaks
“My hands remain open, my heart remains open.  Skin and bone are cut away so you can fill me up and then empty me. And then do it again and again … over and over. Nothing is permanent.


The back of the image – the BEAR -- speaks
Notice that I am looking behind – looking at where she has been. I am the part of her that goes into the cave to be still and reflect. This is where the story unfolds. This is the gift of the emptiness … the gift of the openness. A bear in the Mother’s womb, a womb that does not bear, a bare womb – births it all.  Some seeds take root as they are released into the world. Others lay dormant in the emptiness. All are a gift from the Divine.”

The Pomegranate speaks
“I am the possibility of all that is … I am hope, wonder and surprise.  I am what you know … and what you don’t know. Always, always ready to give birth to the next moment. Until it is gone and another is born.”

Lisa is a clinical social worker, artist and spiritual teacher drawing upon her personal process and professional training in a variety of body-centered modalities, indigenous ceremony and creative expression. She is director of Whispers from the Moon, a haven for creative expression and personal healing located in the Oak Park Arts District. Her website is at
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