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Patrisha Thomson
Santa Monica, California



Patrisha's Seed Package

I was born from a seed, like you,
like my mother before me, and her mother before her. 
For many years I carried seeds within me,
for what I was sure would become my daughters and sons,
opened by the pollen from my lover.

I am still filled with seeds ready to ripen into action,
through art, singing, loving.

If I had borne a child, what would my life be now?
— my seeds given to a new life in the chain of eternity.

All my attention has been to create in this world. 
I plant a different kind of seed.
They are painted colors, singing from my heart
with rhythm pizzazz and care.

Although I have passed beyond pomegranate newness,
I have many other seeds to plant.
I am on a precipice now
to enjoy a continued harvest, — with gratitude.



© 2007 Patrisha Thomson





Artist, photographer, activist. Her website is at Copyright 2012 Pat Allen