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  Christine Blood Hill
Shorewood, Wisconsin

I started this piece with broken pieces and decided that those pieces were a wonderful metaphor for the cycle of life. I love color and glass and the effect light has on both – and was inspired to create a cradle for my broken pieces – the top of the pomegranate intact, standing sentry over the love that embraces the pieces in gold.

Chris's art 2

  Chris's art 1
When Pat’s friend Karen died, all I could think of was how so many pomegranates had been broken in the process of creating this extraordinary community of pomegranate sisters – and how many broken pieces, and broken hearts must be feeling the sorrow of her passing. My contribution to this wonderful experience is simply a reminder – that whether broken or filled with fruit, our lives are bound together in brilliant shades of color, intertwined with golden love.




A Knowing

I didn’t know you by touch
But you touched me.
You didn’t know my pomegranate work
But you were my pomegranate sister.
You didn’t know that all of the broken pomegranate pieces were about you.
Pieces of hearts breaking knowing you would leave us.
I didn’t know you by touch but I know you knew much.
You knew that the color of life was made better by loving.
You knew that life was made richer by the wisdom of light and
You knew that we are all cradled together - each of our pieces woven in gold in a mosaic that knows no time.
I didn’t know you but I know you knew.

This pomegranate piece is for you, Karen. Copyright 2012 Pat Allen