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  Deborah Feinstein
Weston, Massachusetts

Deborah's art


For centuries the pomegranate has been used as a Jewish art symbol because its 613 seeds corresponds to the 613 mizvot (commandments) of God. When I see an empty pomegranate, I feel as if the 613 mitzvot have been dispersed throughout the world, enabling a healing of the fractured environment.

Each seed to me is symbolic of a mirror, a refraction of light. Although light is invisible, its projection creates multiple perspectives. Here, illusionary reflections are openings to different possibilities. Perhaps, these mirrors awaken one’s self-seeing, self-feeling, or one’s being seen. Perhaps, as one mirror is held up in front of another, one sees being connected to her past, her present and her future. The weight of experience and of memory becomes united in the inner sphere of one’s own awareness.

In looking at the pomegranate that was empty and now is filled with mirrors, I feel a sense of potential. As the mirror reflects my face, it also enables me to receive others. I sit in a sacred space, where time is abrogated by the speed of light refracted in the mirrors. In this sacred time and space, a sense of freedom passes over me. I am breathed into; I am me and the One that appears to me.


Deborah   Deborah Feinstein was a Museum Director/educator/curator for over 18 years, and has lectured on religious, historical, and cultural connection of the three major religions through the visual arts in numerous universities and museum venues. She creates Jewish illuminated miniatures as her artistic expression. Copyright 2012 Pat Allen