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  Jean Ellzey
Oak Park, Illinois


Oh yes! Three choice beings
“They come through you but are not you,
And they are of you but not from you” (Gibran)
‘Twas just the right amount of space and nutrients
to nurture and protect, nine months times 3.
Now all three on their own, and my empty womb
Says, “What now?”

Well, let’s see…
As I get older and wiser, now at eight decades,
There is so much I still want to experience
And I don’t feel really empty yet.

The pomegranate shell---the empty womb, now devoid
Of seeds---upon that I am reflecting…
Day by day I see more of the covering breaking up and
falling apart—not unlike an aging body of any kind,
little by little, day by day.
Impermanence yes, changes yes,
Transitions, transformation:

In all stages: from fullness and giving birth, to DOING and
Generativity, to the wonderful possibility of BEING,
A fullness of a different kind of space, quite invisible
To those looking on, but impactful to the owner spirit.

My friend has expressed it well:
“I still want time enough to stretch my soul with the
as-yet unborn,
For my belly’s great with developing fruits
that have not ripened yet…
There are marvels in my aging womb
that yearn for maturation,
hoping yet to justify the space I took.”

What do I want, as I continue this aging phenomenon?
Do I want “no-thing-ness”---
Enough of this clutter/info/materialistic stuff?
or Do I want a ripe fullness, finally,
an acceptance and honoring of self, and all that
is within?  (Or perhaps I want both.)

What do I want?  Time may be short; I do not know.

As I become acquainted with this later stage, I DO KNOW
I want to blend head with heart, overcome a split, bridge
the gap,
Intellect/head stuff not enough
Getting to the awareness and expression of the heart part,
Oh yes!
That’s what counts, to me at least,

From illusions to the “What is!”, The NOW…
My friend: “Laughing and loving’s what living’s about.”

I DO KNOW…I want more peace inside, in that space
That’s there.
I’ve heard it said, “Happiness is not having what you
want, but wanting what you have.”
I go with that.  I want to learn still more about living in the
NOW and being grateful in my own
LifeDeathLifeDeath journey of creation and life.

So be it!  My Empty Womb, a Space for Life –
Many, many stages and ages.  Emptying and Filling


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Jean is an elder of eight decades who loves to share her wisdom in moments of heart connection, is still learning and growing and still a little on the wild side. Copyright 2012 Pat Allen