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  Jackie Huxel
Elmwood Park, Illinois

Jackie's art 2I have been a life-long artist exploring the creative art process for personal and spiritual growth for several years. I am grateful for the process, all the creative spirits in my life who inspire and share the journey to Wholeness with me.

I am opened to the creative life force within, with intention of gaining deeper clarity about the pomegranate, what wisdom and knowledge it holds. My heart is ready to receive, I do no harm and with intention for my highest good and the good of others.

The pomegranate sits in my art space moved into a few different places as I wait for guidance to create and enhance this small shell I received from Pat. Where to begin and create with this sacred energy has been a question for many, many, many days. I realize now, after a long period of time, how this shell has been softly speaking to me. At first my impulse is to paint and glitter this shell, but I cannot come to do this act. Something within me holds me back saying, NO. So, I continue to reflect upon the pomegranate each day, the Tree of Life in nature and in our human energy came to mind.  Found on the Earth floor, empty of fruit and seeds, I sense the powerful energy and life force, that this empty shell holds --- so much possibility and learning for me. I am reminded of the circle of life, no beginning, no ending, just a continuous flow from one form to another…

Witness to the Art piece
I create a foundation, symbolic of my own inner foundation. Unneeded parts I have gathered together to use, fall away or brake away through the construction and reconstruction.

A gem or diamond shape lies beneath, hidden under the four golden circles that create this diamond symbol. Four flowers, the four corners balance the foundation bringing color and life. I affix to the inner lid of the container the Tree of Life, the card that was randomly and graciously received during the process…


  Jackie's art 1

The pomegranate and forms speak
You are here to create sacred form with color and symbol. The Triangle is the sacred form.  Receive and trust. You will be guided. You are the creator and the bridge builder, a Self in process. You connect with Beauty, the cosmic realms. You understand creation, thru re-creation. When it’s over, let go, go back into the darkness. Trust the process, it sustains you.

Loss is an illusion, embrace creativity.  I am the grounding wire for the creative life force. This is the spiritual process to Self-Realization.

The womb pomegranate, hold the secret to All life. It tells the story. All we have to do is stop and listen.






Jackie is an artist and a yoga instuctor. Copyright 2012 Pat Allen