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  Edie Dillon
Prescott, Arizona

Edie's art 2My intention for the pomegranate exercise as seeking information on how to best serve the beauty of the world at this stage of my life. The witness came through as simply, “Follow joy.” I thought this was nice, but a little vague.

I have kept the notion in mind as I follow the news on local environmental crises. On of the key issues in our area is the lack of surface water to support the pace of development, and consequent proposals to mine groundwater. Prescott’s plan to pump from the Big Chino aquifer will have devastating effects on the flow of water in the Verde River, a magical thread of life in our desert landscape. The Center for Biological Diversity is one group working on both educational and political fronts to find more sustainable solutions.

The idea to “follow joy” has developed into a specific project.

Edie's art 1


I have determined to work with the Center to design a beautiful and educational T-shirt. The design will illustrate the great complexity and diversity of life in the precious riparian ecosystem of the Verde River. I experience great joy in both being in the riparian habitat and in translating its beauty into a beautiful graphic. In this way joy serves beauty.  By focusing on the magic of this special place I find despair and despondency replaced by power and hope.




Edie Dillon, is an artist, teacher and activist.
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