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  Kim Conner
Oak Park, Illinois

Kim's art 1

Kim's art 2

Late winter I received an e-mail about the pomegranate exercise. I knew divine guidance was at work. My pomegranate arrived after dreaming of its roundness, ruby redness and inner emptiness. Psychologically, something has to die before a new self can be born. I loved the idea that the pomegranate has died and I could use this metaphysical empty orb or vessel to represent me.

First I thought I would emerge from the opening. A new transformed me. But, I desired mystery, awe, inspiration and beauty. It took a few days to wrap my mind around what this idea could possibly be.  In meditation one morning in my third eye I saw a butterfly of yellow and orange wings emerged from the opening of the pomegranate heading eastward. I didn’t notice any trees, so how can a pomegranate exist on this landscape, I thought. Then, images of rocks or stones piled on top of each other were the answer. So, I went searching for my collections of stones. I photographed the pomegranate on top of the stones twice. The second time to change the color and kind of stones and I also, painted the inside of the pomegranate bright gold to illuminate the open doorway.
I created the landscape for the lower half of the image on the computer using watercolor patterns the upper half I created a collage of photos. Over time I created many landscapes. I had a joyful time creating each landscape.

After a couple of months though I felt it was time to settle on one but there was something undefined that the landscape was calling for. “What is it you desire I asked the landscape?” I asked the creative source for guidance over and over again.  Then it happened somehow the computer did its own thing. The center section of the landscape pulled forward. Great upheavals were taking place within me. Mystery is calling. The landscape tells me to embrace the call to move forward across the threshold into the unknown of how things would become. I have emerged fully into the second stage of my adulthood. I give thanks to the universe for imaging bolder versions of myself and everyone who also envisioned me beyond my own limitations. Thank you to Pat Allen for including me in this exercise plus knowing the nourishment and inspiration a pomegranate would offer a community of women.

In gratitude.

Kim Conner is an artist and a Reiki Master. Her website is at Copyright 2012 Pat Allen